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Dah Vibe Media

Affordable Digital Marketing Tools & Strategies Should Be Accessible to All Business Owners

Whats Dah Vibe LLC. (WDV) goals are to amplify, expose and connect small black and minority owned businesses with digital marketing & network that can benefit their brand. 

The Design & Digital Marketing aspects of a business are crucial to the success and reach of the brand. But, has always been one of the most costly expense for a business owner especially for Startups. to properly scale


Our ultimate goal is to assist small/startup businesses utilize and get familiar with the platforms they can use to implement the right strategies to scale their business and attract the right consumers.

What we are providing will 100% guarantee that consumers you never had and they ones you already has, will start recognizing #dahvibe of your brand.

Interviews with local Connecticut Business Owners 

Tropical Island Spice Restaurant & Bar

Don't Opress People, Educate | DOPE Inc.

Wilner Joseph | Young Athletes 4 Change

Jerkyz Restaurant & Bar

How We can help You:

Cost-effective services that will look like a million dollar!

Website Design

social media management

Business Consulting

photography/videography of product/business