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Amplifying & elevating small businesses

Santana Grant



Dah Vibe Media

WDV (Whats Dah Vibe) LLC. is a web development and media company that collaborates with nonprofits, community organizations, restaurants, small business owners, and individuals to develop innovative digital media solutions. Our commitment lies in delivering transparent and high-quality services, enabling our clients to achieve their objectives and enhance their profitability.


"a distinctive feeling or quality capable of being sense"

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Spotlight

Tropical Island Spice, a Caribbean Restaurant, with authentic taste located in Black Rock, Connecticut and Norwalk, Connecticut 

Chaquanzha Stephenson, founder of D.O.P.E. Inc., a non-profit organization based in Connecticut but is on a global mission to support the development of youth and adults through their various programs. 

Jerkyz Restaurant and Bar, a Jamaican jerk style food experience located in Stamford, Connecticut. 

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Based in the New York, NY & Connecticut area

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